๐Ÿ“’ Foundationยถ

Behaviour and cultureยถ

Weโ€™re a small but structured company with a flat hierarchy. Hence respecting processes and taking responsibility is crucial. This effects all areas โ€“ from communication, over office chores to client related needs. We use resources as sustainable as possible.

To thrive together as a company, everyone contributes their honest and respectful opinion. Although we donโ€™t behave too formally, we appear authentic, polite and confident.

Our work should bring us joy and be meaningful. We like to play with new technologies, but know that doesnโ€™t mean technology should always lead.

Corporate storyยถ


These principles influence and shape our products, everyday work, and collaboration.

  1. Be respectful, authentic and transparent
    We treat each other and our environment with respect.
    Be authentic and communicate transparently.
  2. Understand the needs
    We listen and ask questions, until we understand the needs.
    Use our interdisciplinary experience and bridge domains.
  3. Simple is better than complicated
    We leave out what distracts and is irrelevant.
    Get to the point โ€“ simple, straightforward, and reduced to the essentials.
  4. Plan smart, deliver fast, stay nimble
    We love to get on track quickly. Thus we plan as little as possible, as much as required.
    Keep focused, but also adopt to changes.
  5. Find meaning and purpose
    We are passionate, but do nothing for its own sake.
    Be inspired and creative to create value.
  6. Stay hungry, stay foolish
    We love exploring the unknown and challenging the status quo in good intent.
    Be curious to get to the root of things.
  7. Go the extra mile
    We love minimalism, but weโ€™re extraordinary where we see opportunities.
    Take the chance to go beyond what is necessary.